52009968AA- Brake disc (Brake disc) - 52009968AB 52009968AC -
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BDI1546 equivalent to 52009968AA52009968AB 52009968AC

Brake disc

notes: Rear - left or right side - outer diameter (mm): 352 - inside diameter (mm): 206 - thickness (mm): 22 - vented disc - number of holes: 5 - price per unit - sold by: 2

Brake disc for all vehicles
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Brake disc for all vehicles

GENERIC: quality part called 'adaptable' offering
the same functions and features as the original part,
but not from an original supplier. BDI1546

weight: 10.0 kg
89.00 incl. VAT   [view excl. VAT]

7 days (expected delay)
to dispatch from date of your order

This part fits the following vehicles (click on vehicle for more details) :

Dodge (Chrysler) Durango 4.7i V8 petrol 2000->2008 [parts]1/2004-12/2008
Dodge (Chrysler) Durango 5.7i HEMI V8 petrol 2004-> [parts]1/2004-12/2010
Dodge (Chrysler) Ram 1500 pickup 2002->2008 4.7i V8 petrol 2002->2008 [parts]1/2002-12/2008
Dodge (Chrysler) Ram 1500 pickup 2002->2008 5.7i HEMI V8 petrol 2003->2008 [parts]1/2003-12/2008
Dodge (Chrysler) Ram 1500 pickup 2002->2008 5.9i V8 petrol 2002->2003 [parts]1/2002-12/2003
Dodge (Chrysler) Ram 1500 pickup 2009-> 5.7i HEMI V8 petrol 2009-> [parts]1/2009-12/2010
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