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What is sponsoring?

Whether you’re participating in a competition or heading off on a long voyage, sponsoring is a means to balance out your budget and create the optimal conditions required so you can reach your goal. You might win a trophy or you might just win the immense personal satisfaction of having lived your dream!

Here at Euro4x4parts, sponsoring is a commitment to our clients so they can fulfil their dreams and an effective means of boosting our media profile – so much more interactive and dynamic than traditional advertising.

Sponsoring, a mutual trust

A sponsorship project is built on mutual trust between a team and Euro4x4parts:

  • The sponsored partner puts their trust in Euro4x4parts by using the parts and accessories supplied by our company, rather than another, and visibly promotes our brand on their 4x4 , at or during the event itself (promotional items, clothing) and on the internet (site/blog, forums, Facebook, You Tube)
  • In turn, Euro4x4parts trusts the sponsored partner as to how they use the parts and accessories supplied (correct mechanical procedures), how they use the 4x4 as a vehicle (respect for others, respect for the environment), and their general attitude towards the company that is sponsoring them.

What does a Euro4x4parts sponsoring agreement offer?

Euro4x4parts never offers monetary aid in terms of sponsoring. We offer material aid and a balanced exchange of advantages between partners.

Therefore, Euro4x4parts assigns a parts budget to its partner based on the following:

  • Media exposure of the event or the events that the partner will be participating in during the season
  • Experience and results already achieved by the partner
  • Visibility of the Euro4x4parts brand on the vehicle (no sponsorship possible unless stickers of at least 50cm long are used and on at least two sides of the vehicle)
  • Visibility of the partner on the web via their web site, blog, forums, Facebook, You Tube
  • Importance of the vehicle to the partner: the 4x4 must be an integral part of the team and not just a support vehicle. For this reason we do not sponsor vehicles rented for a specific event

Over and above the parts budget, Euro4x4parts is personally involved in the project and aims to be present at most events. This reflects our long-term commitment rather as opposed to a one-off investment.

Last but least, Euro4x4parts serves as a media vector for the project via its own web site which is visited by almost 130000 unique visitors every month and the Facebook page that enjoys about 30 000 visitors each week.

Do you need help getting your project sponsorship?

We’re here to help you put together the list of parts and accessories you need. Give our sales team a call on +33(0) 559 451 144 to get a quote.

In some cases, over and above the sponsorship budget, we can offer a discount on parts ordered beyond the scope of the budget.

If you need to carry spare parts but are not sure you’ll actually use them, we can offer a return guarantee. You only need to pay for the parts you actually use. We’ll take back any unused parts at their original price so long as they are returned to us in their original packaging and within the agreed delay.

Euro4x4parts is committed to a straightforward fair-play policy when it comes to considering sponsorship applications. However, it reserves the right to refuse applications or assign a reduced budget. For example, the company aims to maintain a variety of 4x4 brands, competition, events and geographical origins for its sponsored teams, and it favours the teams that "go that extra mile" for Euro4x4parts because, in turn, Euro4x4parts always aims to "go that extra mile" for the teams it sponsors.

Do you want to request sponsorship?

  • Team sponsorship :Single competition (budget allocated for one competition) or Championship (annual budget). Please fill in the questionnaire.
  • Event sponsorship :you need signage, stickers, publicity material or even prizes for your event or competition. Please fill in the questionnaire
  • Travel sponsorship :you’re planning a long term and/or unusual voyage or expedition. Please fill in the questionnaire
  • Special club partnership:Would you like to offer all of your members a special discount at Euro4x4parts in exchange for promoting our brand? Please complete the following questionnaire

Please submit your sponsorship application between 1 and 12 months before the start of the event. We'll do our best to get back to you within a week from when we receive your application.