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The Guarantee

We sell quality parts, and we stand behind them. Most of the parts we sell are guaranteed for two years.

With as little legal-ese as possible, here are the details of our guarantee:

Guarantee Coverage

Except where noted, products we sell on this site are guaranteed against material or manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the delivery date. Communication about the guarantee does not prolong this period.

Any guarantee-related claims require presentation of the original invoice.

To benefit from our guarantee, a defective product must be submitted to our service department. The agreement of the service department is a prequisite for product replacement or repair.

In the case of defective merchandise, we will replace or repair the product or its defective element, depending on the recommendation of our service department. This is the limit of our obligation to you.

You will be asked to pay shipping fees for the return of a defective product.

Guarantee Exclusions

The guarantee does not cover apparent defects.

Defects or deterioration caused by natural wear, by accident, or by modification that we have not specifically recommended are also excluded from guarantee coverage. This could include erroneous assembly, defective maintenance or abnormal use.

Disagreement on the application of this guarantee will be subjected to the arbitration of an automobile expert approved by insurance companies, at the expenses of the purchaser.

Product Returns

If you need to return a product, contact us as soon as possible.

All returns are subject to our approval. Products returned without our prior agreement will be disposed of as we see fit, and will not result in credit or reimbursement.

No returns will be accepted more than a month after the delivery date.

Once it is agreed that the product should be returned, we will send you a return slip. Returned goods must be accompanied by this slip, fixed on the outside of the package.

Returned goods must be in the state in which they were delivered. In the event of damage (even partial) to the original packaging, any credit or reimbursement will be automatically reduced by 25%.

The cost and risks of returning an article are the responsibility of the purchaser.

It sounds serious, but it just boils down to this: we love and respect our customers, and we'll do what it takes to get you a part that works and meets your expectations.

Happy Shopping!