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Are you a motor trade professional who resells the parts you purchase from us?
Would you like to benefit from a trade discount? All you need to do is open an account!
Open an account today - it only takes a few minutes and you'll be pleased you did it next time you need some parts from us urgently!

The trade discount applies to the vast majority of parts in our catalogue except for certain parts where the profit margin is much tighter so we are more restricted (engines, gearboxes, custom parts and certain accessories where the retail price is set by the brand). Similarly, the discount rate may vary according to parts. The trade discount does not apply to delivery prices which Euro4x4parts already offer at cut-price rates.

At Euro4x4parts we reserve the right to offer trade accounts subject to the business status of clients at the time of application. The account may be suspended at any moment and without notice to the client. If your company registration documents do not clearly identify your business activity as being in the automobile parts retail sector you will not be able to benefit from the status of a motor trade professional. However, if you can prove to us that your activity involves selling parts (for example via your client invoices), you will be eligible for a special trade status with a lower price discount.

Opening an account does not affect the terms & conditions of payment. For international clients (based outside of Metropolitan France) all orders must be paid for in full before dispatch. For clients based in France full payment will be required for your first order but when your account reaches a minimum of 2000 euros of parts paid in full over a maximum period of 4 months, you can opt for differed terms of payment by LCR (lettre de change relevé); by making a trade account differed payment application (solely available to business based in Metropolitan France). This arrangement enables all your invoices for a given month to be combined and for bank payment to be made on the 15th of the following month.

In order to open a trade account and benefit from trade discounts, please complete the following application form, following the guidelines for all 4 parts :

  1. Business identity
  2. General terms and conditions of sale
  3. Documents to be submitted with the form
  4. Acceptance of terms of sale

All that remains to be done is to return the application form by email, fax or post, together with your company registration documents (or KBIS if based in Metropolitan France) dated less than 6 months.

We will process your request within 48 hours and will contact you by email fax or letter (according to how you submitted your application) with confirmation of your discount rate together with your personal log-in details for our website.

We thank you for your interest and wish you all the best for your business with Euro4x4parts!

Euro4x4parts, all the parts you'll ever need! Just grab a wrench!

I've scanned my company documents and I'm ready to
apply for my trade account

(*) if you are unable to send us the copy of your company registration documents dated less than 6 months right now, you can send them via:
- fax: +33(0)5 59 45 11 55
- post: Euro4x4parts - 4600 route de Bayonne - 40390 SAINTE MARIE DE GOSSE - France.
- e-mail:

Please don't forget to include these documents otherwise we will not be able to process your account request! Thanks