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Secure Shopping

When you make a purchase with us, you trust us with confidential personal information about yourself. We take that responsibility seriously.

How to pay for your order

Please note, available payment options can vary according to where your order is being delivered.

  • Credit card
  • Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue, E-carte bleue, Aurore, American Express, Diners

    When you shop at Euro4x4parts.com you'll be using either the Paybox or Telepago4B secure payment system, according to where your order is being delivered. Thanks to the technology employed and the absence of any printed record of your credit card number, it is actually safer to pay on sites using the Paybox System than in the majority of your everyday credit card transactions.

    With Paybox or Telepago4B, every element of the payment system between the purchaser and the bank is entirely encrypted (using SSL security) combined with standard electronic banking protocol.

    Unencoded information related to the order or your credit card number never circulates on the internet.

    • The credit card number is never printed on paper (invoice, receipt or elsewhere).
    • The seller (Euro4x4parts.com) is not informed of the credit card number.
    • Paybox or Telepago4B do not store credit card numbers on their servers.

    No one has either digital or physical access to your credit card number.

    The Security Process

    When you are ready to make your payment, you will be transferred from our server to either the Paybox or the Telepago4B secure server, (depending on the country of delivery):

    1. You will be transferred to an SSL-encrypted payment page.
    2. After you enter your card number, the payment page submits a request for authorization. The connection between the purchaser and the Paybox or Telepago4B server is established using HTTPS (SSL-encrypted protocol), which encrypts all of the exchange of information. This protection guarantees that the credit card number cannot be intercepted by a third party during the transaction.
    3. When the credit card number has passed a first level of verification (Luhn key, oppositions, etc.), the Paybox or Telepago4B server forwards the authorization request to our bank using standard electronic banking protocols.
    4. Our bank authorization center then returns either an authorization number or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, the secure payment system (Paybox or Telepago4B) sends the transacation receipt to you and us via e-mail. Your credit card number is never sent to us.
    5. You are then automatically redirected back to our site, where you can continue your visit.

    The secure payment systems (Paybox or Telepago4B) have developed a process that makes it possible to verify in real time the behavior of the card holder, to avoid the use of the server as a test point for automatically generated credit card numbers, or other types of attacks:

    • search for valid card numbers by increment, derivation or mask
    • multiple submissions with different expiration dates
    • submissions from multiple IP addresses

    Verify your secure connection when you pay

    While using a secure connection, you will see a closed padlock at the bottom of your browser window.

    The beginning of the web page address (http://www...) in the address bar at the top of the window becomes https://www... The "s" which follows "http" is your guarantee that the communication is securely encrypted.

    Businesses are identified by the secure payment system (Paybox or Telepago4B) as well as by a bank: Because each business is also identified by Remote Sales Contract with a bank, the purchaser is protected.

  • Paypal
  • You can connect to your Paypal account to pay for your order.

  • Bank transfer
  • We will send you our bank details as soon as your order has been validated.

  • Payment on delivery
  • This payment option is only available in Spain (mainland + Balearic islands).

    It allows you to pay the invoice directly to the courier representative at delivery.

    The order is collected from a post office and payment can only be made by cash.

    The resulting price supplement for this option is included in the total price of your order.