4x4 Competition - Chérimont Offroad 2019

For the pure pleasure of off-roading!


The Chérimont Off-road will start on the 5th with enthusiasm and lots of new things for this year's edition.


From the 5th to the 7th of April, in Sclayn, Belgium, don't miss it!

General Results

TOP 10

  1. #25 - Team Rocky
  2. #19 - Moosdabbers
  3. #05 - Team Black Pearl
  4. #13 - Team Cleirbaut
  5. #29 - Team Bart
  6. #43 - Team TSV
  7. #24 - Team Cliffhanger
  8. #20 - Team Sam Power
  9. #32 - Team Wildpower
  10. #07 - Team DR Offroad

In pictures!

(source: Euro4x4parts)


For this 3rd edition the impressive circuit has some bonus zones, hidden check points, a difficult shorter version and an easier longer version. Up to the competitors to choose the right one for them!

Loads of great prizes to win this year.

  • Free registration for the Balkan Off-road Rally 2019.
  • Discounts for the Breslau Poland Rally 2019.
  • A free registration for the Welsh 50one in June 2019.

This year there's 45 places for participants, with 10 additional places for participants from outside Benelux and 5 places for cooperation with external 4x4 events.

This makes a maximum of 60 vehicles on the starting line.

Our teams taking part

Mickael Bertschi
Vincent Bruneaux
Suzuki Samurai - Team Zuk Racing
Suzuki Samurai
Leon Vernimmen
Thomas Holzmuller
Nissan Mannaricium - team Offroad Mannaricium
Nissan Mannaricium

Take a look at the 2018 edition !

Find out more HERE.

(source : cherimont4x4.wixsite.com/cherimontoffroad)

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All the photos in this article were taken on authorized roads or tracks, private land, or during supervised competitions. Let's all do our part to preserve the environment!