Why replace the struts?

Having held up the bonnet over the years, your struts get tired. It can be pretty frustrating to have one hand holding the bonnet whilst the other is deep in the entrails of your engine bay! So it's time to replace them.

In this article we're going to take you through how to replace the bonnet struts on your 4x4.

For purposes of this tutorial we're working on a Nissan Patrol Y61.

The method is basically the same for all 4x4s.


All you need to replace your bonnet struts is a 12mm spanner and a length of wood.


To give you an idea of the difficulty level of our tutorials, we note them from 1 to 5.

This is a very straightforward level 1 job.


1 - To stay safe, use a suitable length of wood to prop the bonnet open as you work on the struts. 
Undo the upper and lower ball joints, then remove the strut.

2 - The replacement struts are supplied complete with new ball joint mounts to replace the old fittings.

3 - Clip the new strut onto the mounts - start with the upper ball joint then the lower one. Now all that remains is to repeat the procedure for the other side. When the job is done, the bonnet will now lift by itself thanks to the new bonnet struts.


Choose the right bonnet struts for your 4x4:

Thanks to Jeff - Patrol-GR.net for this article.

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Please note: Euro4x4parts publishes this information to help its customers, but cannot be held responsible for the advice given here and their consequences when used.