4x4 Rally - M'Hamid Express 2020

The M'Hamid spirit is back!


The eleventh edition of the M'Hamid Express raid welcomes desert fans, pros and amateurs, to an atmosphere of mutual support, friendliness and sportsmanship that characterizes this magnificent competition.


The M'Hamid Express takes place south of Zagora and is open to everyone. The simple navigation allows participants to enjoy the wonderful landscapes offered by the Moroccan desert.

If you like dunes, sand and having fun, then the M'Hamid Express is for you!


See you from January the 26th to the 31st, 2020, for a new magical edition!

General Results

TOP 10


All the results are HERE.

  1. #216 - Besson Jean-Pascal & Roissac Patrice - Toyota
  2. #202 - Witch Alain & Quetier François - Jeep JK
  3. #219 - Idelot Antoine & Julien Baz - Bowler
  4. #206 - Vierge Philippe & Dupuy Bertrand - Toyota
  5. #205 - Micouleau Jean Claude & Brandao C.- Ipso V8
  6. #210 - Sbihi Kamal & Doyen Nathalie - Toyota
  7. #204 - Morvan hervé & Mahé Frédéric - Toyota
  8. #207 - Deleporte Antoine & Yoann François - Springbok Sadev
  9. #217 - Charrier Christophe & Le Pocher Gilbert - Toyota
  10. #201 - Dard Yvan Pierre & Dard Véronique - Toyota

In pictures!

(source: facebook M'Hamid Express)

GOTO Team Report

Stage 5 (January 31st , 2020)

"We're off for two loops of 50kms, there's a lot of pressure on us to keep our position (5 vehicles are less than 10 minutes behind us)!

We attacked throughout the stage. The number of competitors and the fact that it was 2 loops, reduced the visibility because of the dust. We remained concentrated until the end, and this paid off!

We finish 8th in the Auto category; 6th in the 4x4 category, 2nd in Historic category and we were the 1st Toyota HDJ80! "


  • 4x4
  • buggies
  • SSVs - Quads

2020 Teaser

More information

The Rally is open to 4x4s (2 categories: race and raid plus a Historical category), quads and bikes.

This is a loop rally, to minimize the cost of assistance with a return every night to the base camp.

For more information visit: rallyemhamidexpress.fr

Our teams competing

Yvan Pierre Dard
Véronique Dard
Toyota HDJ80 - team Dard Dard
Toyota HDJ80
Kamal Sbihi
Nathalie Doyen
Toyota HDJ80 - team Goto
Toyota HDJ80

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