4x4 Rally - Rally adventure Georgia 2019

An adventure in Georgia is born!


This is the first edition of the Rally Raid Adventure Georgia. It's a 1,600 km loop leaving from the capital Tbilisi.

The participants will off-road across this beautiful country with magical landscapes, to the Black Sea, then return  by a different route to Tbilisi.


From October the 13th to the 19th, 2019, A new rally is born!

General Results


Females teams:

  1. Team 33 : Annie LAPOINTE & Manon ROBINSON
  2. Team 69 : Caroline GUAY & Sophie FABRI
  3. Team 11 : Elaine FRENETTE & Isabelle GAGNE

Mixed teams:

  1. Team 20 : Bat-Undral BYAMBASUREN
  2. Team 18 : Sarah Aya ZEMOULI & Amine HASNAOUI
  3. Team 40 : Corinne DERLON & Alain ZORDAN

In pictures!


October 13th

  • 4pm - Registration

October 14th

  • 9am-12am: Registration and technical inspections
  • 1pm: Participants reunion
  • 2pm: Autograph session participants / Opening of the paddock
  • 4pm Opening Ceremony
  • 6pm: Start of the race

October 15th to 19th

  • 9am-12am: Registration and technical inspections
  • 1pm: Singles semi 2
  • 2pm: Singles Main Intro
  • 4pm: Singles Race 1 (15 laps)
  • 6pm: Prize giving
  • 9pm: Press conference

What is the Rally Adventure Georgia ?

It's over 1,600 km in a week in a 4x4, without any notion of speed. You have to validate checkpoints covering as few kilometres as possible.

Participants (maximum 80 teams) will use a road-book that will be distributed each morning during the briefing and SatNavs (same system for all participants).

The distance travelled by each vehicle is determined by a meter reading at the finish of the stage or any other place on the course. The kilometric penalty is equal to the difference between the kilometres travelled by the vehicle and the kilometres on the road-book.

Vehicles for hire are available on site.

The winners will be the competitors with the least points at the end of the raid.

The start will take place in Tbilisi and the course will take the participants to the Black Sea, then return to Tbilisi by another off-road route.


(source info : rally-adventure.com)

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