4x4 Competition - Desert Raid 2015

Sand, sand and more sand!


The Desert Raid is an orienteering and navigation event that up until now has been held in the Tunisian Grand Erg Oriental.


From the 11th to the 17th of October 

In 2015 for safety reasons, the race will take place in Morocco, through the three southern ergs: Chebbi, Chegaga and Ouzina. The course will follow the tracks that the Dakar couldn’t use. The characteristics and spirit of the Desert Raid are 100% present. 

How does it work?

This competition is designed so that 4x4 fans can enjoy their passion to the fullest, whatever their level.

The participant chooses their own level of difficulty, which makes the Desert Raid a made to measure competition. It begins with the most basic technical level, thanks to the numerous waypoints.

5-stage course.

Participants set their own challenge by covering as fewer kilometres as possible. Driving skills and strategy are essential here; major preparations, speed and improvisation are of secondary importance.




Trophy Rally Adventure: This is the most suitable option for amateur drivers, with little experience in driving and navigation on sand.

Trophy Rally Extreme: For lovers of the orientation and navigation without limits.

Trophy Explorer.

Each team can choose its own path and set its own limits. 100% Strategy and navigation! This is the best option for those who love the desert, with no other company than their friends. 100% adventure for participants who want to simply navigate and find their own route. There’s no obligation to follow the same tracks as the other competitors, because there are simply none to follow.


  • 11th October : ERFOUD
  • 12th October : ERFOUD-ERG CHEBBI
  • 13th October : ERG CHEBBI – ERG CHEBBI.
  • 14th October : ERG CHEBBI – ERG CHEGGAGA
  • 15th October : ERG CHEGGAGA – ERG CHEGGAGA
  • 16th October : ERG CHEGGAGA - MAHMID

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