4x4 Baja - Baja 555 Romania 2022

A tip-top 4x4 Baja!


A Baja 4x4 is a kind of off-road sprint. This type of race was created in 1967 in Baja California, hence its name. The European Baja variants are well known, especially in Spain, Portugal and Romania.

The Baja 555 Romania is one of the major European events and an important sporting event in Romania.

The challenge is to cover 555 km on difficult terrain in a single day. It’s a complicated race with a 50% dropout rate, but that doesn’t put off the extreme 4x4 drivers! The event attracts competitors from more than 50 countries as well as local participants.

See you in Calarasi, Romania, from July 28th  to 31st, 2022!

In pictures!

(source: facebook Baja 555 Romania)

In video!


  • Cars
  • SSVs
  • ATVs
  • QUADs
  • BIKEs

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