• May 7th & 8th - Savournon
  • May 28th & 29th - Lunel
  • June 18th & 19th - Bompard Loisirs / Aix en Provence
  • July 2nd & 3rd - Villeseque
  • July 23rd & 24th - Quail
  • August 20th & 21st - Baixas (regional final)
  • September 1th7 & 18th Croc National Final (Creuse)

National Final


In video!


In pictures!

(source: trial 4x4 Villesèque)



Lunel Trial - May 28 & 29

Report from the Spider Team

"After two years of forced absence, many questions have arisen about the revival of the trial because it involves a large financial budget and a huge investment of time! But as soon as the trial began we knew we had made the right decision!

What a pleasure and what a joy to be back!

There are 4 teams in our category. The areas are well traced, very technical, exactly what we like!"

Sunday was a  very difficult zone but the bold route they chose bought them victory.

"Zero penalty points for us with an incredible passage that bluffed everyone. It’s for these moments that we do trials and why we love this sport so much. Mastering fear, being in a bubble with your co-driver and the vehicle. Fine steering down to the centimetre, a harmony between the driver and the co-driver who is the counterweight and the eyes of the team. This zone allowed us to shoot up in the rankings!"


Saint Moreil

Saint Moreil in pictures!

(source: facebook Pascal Thevenot)

Our team competing

Mickaël Guyot
Jean Baptiste Clerc
team 4x4 - Spider team
Suzuki Samurai

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