4x4 Travel - Lamour en Vadrouille

A Zero Waste World Tour!


A beautiful adventure for this family of five!

The Lamour family is going around the world aboard a Nissan Pathfinder that will be their home!

An adventure filled with discoveries, new encounters and freedom!


As well as discovering the world, the Lamour family aims to produce "Zero Waste". They will home school, live an organic and natural life and by doing so participate in protecting the planet.


They describe their project as: "We have a strong desire to meet the people living on our planet, we want our children to learn about the Earth travelling around it rather than from books."


They're leaving on July the 1st, 2019, for an endless adventure!

2020 News


Because of the present situation, the Lamour Family is in France! It's not a problem there are lots of adventures to experience here. There departure date for Asia has just been postponed until we are free to travel further afield.


Our travellers are still in France.

After three months of shutdown, due to the pandemic, and the summer in France, they plan to leave next September, for Southeast Asia.

March - Containment!

Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, our travelers have now returned to France.

They are in confinement until the measures taken by the various European governments permit a return to freedom of movement. 

February - Back to Europe!

Spain & Portugal


They're still in Morocco!

November & December - Morocco

October & November - France and Spain!

End of August & September - Italy

July & August - Touring France

Let's meet the family !

"The Lamour family is Yannick, he's 35 and a web developer. Sylviana 37, a consultant in Zero waste and web editor on ecology and education. Luna, Liam and Maia who will be growing up at their own rhythm travelling around the world"

The route

They'll be leaving France on the 1st of July 2019. Destination: THE WORLD!

  • July to October 2019: Travelling around France
  • November 2019 to March 2020: Spain - Morocco - Portugal
  • April 2020: Back to France
  • From May 2020 - North Cape
  • August-September 2020 via Eastern Europe, return to France.
  • Winter 2020/2021: They should be in Italy and Greece.
  • Then the family will be off to Turkey and after either Africa or Asia.

Their vehicle

Their vehicle is a Nissan Pathfinder R51 that's done 280,000 km. The vehicle has been designed so that they have a certain comfort and they have an equipped trailer and a roof tent.

Zero waste

It's important for the Lamour family to be close to nature. They have decided it's time for them to take part in protecting the planet. With their children, they have made some changes. One of the first things they had to do was change their way of life and consumption.


Their motto is "don't drop your litter and compost organic waste"

They've started by changing their everyday way of life and they're teaching their children the importance of reducing waste.

(source : lamourenvadrouille.com)

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