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- Brand has been created and developed by Euro4x4parts

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EQUIP'ADDICT is a brand created and developed by Euro4x4parts, which encompasses a whole range of accessories and equipment for off-roading.
These are carefully chosen products and especially selected for our customers, offering an irreproachable level of quality at competitive prices. Euro4x4parts has tested these products, and is proud to guarantee them for 2 years.

What kinds of accessories and equipment are available?

The EQUIP'ADDICT range covers several types of product: a vast range of suspension kits, reinforced steering components, performance kits, rescue equipment such as winches, snorkels and snorkel heads, LED lights and bars , compressors, pick-up accessories and a whole range of camping & expedition gear such as refrigerators, 270° awnings and roof tents.

Why choose EQUIP'ADDICT ? Where did the idea come from?

There is a vast range of accessories in this market and quality and price both vary enormously !
When you compare specifications it is sometimes difficult to justify the prices asked by certain brands for the same accessory.
That’s why, thanks to their expertise in the sector and knowledge of customer requirements, Euro4x4parts launched its own brand, EQUIP'ADDICT.
An EQUIP'ADDICT accessory is by definition best value for money. It benefits from the best materials and an optimal design all at a good price. EQUIP'ADDICT is a benchmark product, a product designed for our customers, accessible to all, and fully guaranteed by Euro4x4parts.