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- A global leader in LED lighting, with over 100 years of experience

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Who are OSRAM?

The OSRAM story began over 100 years ago.
Based in Munich (Germany), the company is one of the two largest lighting manufacturers in the world, along with Philips.
Specializing in automotive lighting, they manufacture halogen bulbs, LEDs, as well as a comprehensive range of additional lighting including LED bars, spots, flood and even Combo lights (combination of the two).

Why choose OSRAM LEDs ?

OSRAM is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of LED lamps and really knows just how demanding off-road driving can be. The OSRAM range of rugged LED lamps will prove itself in any environment, thanks to the excellent brightness and high color temperatures featured.
Cope with extreme conditions, easily spot obstacles, and enjoy optimal driving performance.
OSRAM LED lighting systems are developed to assist you when the going gets tough, and enable you to see precisely what lies ahead. Their sturdy headlamps and light bars, featuring an assertive style, improve both close and distance vision, allowing optimal driving performance even in the most extreme conditions.
OSRAM’s reputation is largely built on the quality of their products and their ability to innovate constantly. Osram devotes 5% of its turnover to R&D. Research and development is done in lighting solutions as well as in electronics, but increasingly in LED technology. The fact that 40% of OSRAM's turnover comes from products that are less than five years old is ample proof of the innovative power of OSRAM.