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- Premium 4x4 & SUV suspension

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PROFENDER was established in 1976 in Thailand and today manufactures one of the world’s largest range of shock absorbers for 4x4s, pick-ups and SUVs.
Their products have been developed with a level of technicality and expertise that has nothing to envy the major European, Japanese or American brands, and its industrial equipment is continuously maintained at the highest level.

Why choose PROFENDER shock absorbers ?

First of all, PROFENDER shock absorbers are produced in compliance with ISO9000 / TS16949 quality assurance standards. PROFENDER’s research and development department, which focuses all its efforts on 4x4 suspensions, has enabled the company to be recognized worldwide for its ability to innovate and offer an irreproachable level of quality.
From low-pressure twin-tube shock absorbers to highly sophisticated «coilovers» and «piggybacks», PROFENDER shock absorbers can be used on the track, in extreme endurance, and are even on the road.
Thanks to the fact that Thailand has the highest proportion of all-terrain vehicles and pick-ups in the world (relative to the total number of vehicles) and it is the world's leading manufacturer of pick-ups, PROFENDER have a real advantage to develop and test their products.
What better proof than the fact that Françoise Hollender, co-founder of Euro4x4parts and her companion Franck Daurelle compete for the Euro4x4parts team using PROFENDER coilover and bypass shocks since 2014, and with success!.
Thanks to the expertise, experience and the top quality of their range of 4x4 suspension options , Euro4x4parts chose PROFENDER to meet the requirements of our customers and their vehicles.
Check out our Webzine article to find out how Profender shock absorbers work and what they offer in terms of improving your 4x4 :!article/5639/Amortisseurs_Profender_a_bonbonne_separee