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Ford (Europe)
Your Ford (Europe) Ranger TKE (T7) 2016-> 2.2TDCi diesel 4x4 160hp 2016->

Brake discs "high performance" - DBA Ford (Europe) Ranger TKE (T7) 2016->

fitment 1/1
Brake disc

Brake disc - Front

~ from 09/2015 and more recent
Equivalent to UC2B-33-251B 1763037 1742318 UC2B-33-251A RDA8250D DBA2132S
Suitable for your 

Ford (Europe) Ranger TKE (T7) 2016->

Front Dimension mm (outer diam./internal diam./height/thickness): 302/139.7/61/32 Vented disc Number of holes 6