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Known for being the best towing vehicle, a 4x4 is often fitted with a tow bar. Thanks to its engine torque and traction, it's used to tow trailers and caravans, often of significant weight.

You should choose your tow bar based on your vehicle and how often you use it. For pick-ups, we offer standard tow bars, whereas for SUVs, you'll find more discreet versions with removable balls, with or without tools.

Among the most well-known tow bars, there are the srewed plate or the goose neck. The latter, once the ball is removed, offers an entirely invisible tow bar. A legal reminder: the license plate must always be visible, hence the convenience of quick removal. On request, we can also have tow bars for American vehicles with 2-inch squares for the front or back, as well as all kinds of accessories.

In our catalogue, you'll find standard wiring for older vehicles, and wiring with a management module for modern multiplexed vehicles equipped with LED lights and a reversing radar. We also offer a wide selection of universal or vehicle-specific wiring harnesses, in 7 or 13 pins, as well as adapters.

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