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Proportioning valve

Proportioning valve

BRP1198 Genuine
Equivalent to 47900-25210
  • Rear
  • Supplied complete
  • Part on diagram # : 2
291,67 € excl. VAT

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  • Rear
  • Supplied complete
  • Part on diagram # : 2


This part, which is found on our old 4x4s, is often overlooked when our vehicle's braking system malfunctions. Yet it plays a very important role.

When braking, there is a dynamic transfer of load from the rear to the front. The front axle is overloaded while the rear axle is relieved. As a result, the grip of the front wheels increases while that of the rear wheels decreases. The braking force on the rear wheels must therefore be reduced to avoid them locking up (risk of spinning). The braking force on the front wheels can be increased, as there is less risk of them locking up.

Why change the brake distributor?

A faulty brake distributor can cause the rear wheels to lock when braking and, in the worst case you can lose control of your vehicle.

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Proportioning valve
Proportioning valve
2 Weeks
291,67 € excl. VAT