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Starter motor assembly

Equivalent to 91505-16480 580261
  • Power : 12 v 2.0 kw
  • Tooth count : 9
  • Without reduction gear
  • Equipment : Paris-rhone d9r105
  • Tooth count 9
180,00 € excl. VAT

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  • Power : 12 v 2.0 kw
  • Tooth count : 9
  • Without reduction gear
  • Equipment : Paris-rhone d9r105
  • Tooth count 9


The starter is an auxiliary electric motor powered by the vehicle's battery. Modern starters have an electromagnet system that operates on direct current with a solenoid, similar to a relay. Modern starters are almost all "reduction gear" design, offering lower power consumption, reduced weight and 40% smaller in size. Highly efficient, they guarantee excellent mechanical resistance. The kinetic energy stored by the armature of a reduction gear starter allows a greater instantaneous speed and easier cold starting. This system also reduces the strain on the battery.

Fault symptoms:

- If the starter does not turn the engine and the is just a "clack-clack" sound & the headlights and the lights on the dashboard dip. this can mean the solenoid or starter motor are defective. However, always remember to check your battery in the first.

- The starter motor can be heard when you turn the ignition key, but the engine does not start. The starter pinion is probably broken or stuck. Remember to the ring gear for wear or even broken teeth (although this is much rarer).

Reconditioned parts - Old core to be returned in exchange
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Starter motor assembly
Starter motor assembly
In stock
180,00 € excl. VAT