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Equivalent to MB890950 MN135948 MR404863
  • For vehicle with manual transmission
  • Core dimensions (mm) : 697x500x16
133,33 € excl. VAT

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  • For vehicle with manual transmission
  • Core dimensions (mm) : 697x500x16


The radiator's job is to cool your 4x4's coolant. The coolant circulates through its internal core and transfers its heat to the metal cooling fins that surround the core. It’s linked to a fan, which produces a flow of air that passes between the fins and dissipates the heat accumulated by the coolant.

Why change the radiator?

A defective radiator will no longer cool your engine properly, and in the best-case scenario, your engine will simply overheat. In the worst case, your engine will break down. For the sake of your car and your wallet, it's best to avoid this situation.

A cooling radiator should be replaced when it has one or more leaks, which can be easily spotted by the white spots left on the radiator when the coolant evaporates. If you spot a leak early enough and it's not a major one, you can repair it with a radiator anti-leak.

The radiator's pipes can become blocked. This often happens if you're using a poor-quality coolant or one that's been used too much. The pipes can also be deformed as a result of a head-on collision. If you have any crumpled metal, check the condition of your radiator and replace it if necessary.

Symptoms that should alert you to a possible damaged radiator are an overheated engine or a radiator that is cold on one side and hot on the other.

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133,33 € excl. VAT