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KRO1244 Genuine
Equivalent to 21400-MD41A 21400-MB41A
  • Core dimensions (mm) : 590/445/40
  • Part on diagram # : 1
  • Supplied with cap
378,50 € excl. VAT

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  • Core dimensions (mm) : 590/445/40
  • Part on diagram # : 1
  • Supplied with cap


The radiator's job in your 4x4 is to cool the engine coolant. The coolant circulates through the radiator's internal core, transferring its heat to the surrounding metal cooling fins. A fan is paired with the radiator, creating an airflow that passes between the fins, dissipating the heat absorbed by the coolant.

Why Change the Radiator?

A faulty radiator won't cool your engine properly. At best, your engine will overheat. At worst, it could lead to complete engine failure. For the sake of your vehicle's health and your wallet, it's best not to let it get to that point.

A radiator needs replacing if it has one or more leaks, which you can spot by the white stains left on the radiator from the evaporated coolant. If you catch a leak early and it's small, you might be able to fix it with a radiator sealant.

Another issue could be clogged radiator channels, often a result of using poor quality or old coolant. The channels can also get damaged in a frontal collision. If your vehicle has been in a crash and there's visible damage to the bodywork, check the radiator's condition and replace it if necessary.

Signs that could indicate a damaged radiator include engine overheating or a radiator that's cold on one side and hot on the other. Keeping an eye on these symptoms can help you address radiator issues before they escalate.

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  • F24 2.5TD diesel <3.5t ST/WT 2006->2013 from 09/2006 and more recent
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378,50 € excl. VAT