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Fan - viscous coupling

Fan - viscous coupling

KSO1053 Genuine
Equivalent to 21082-VB00A 21082-VB000
  • Part on diagram # : 8
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  • Part on diagram # : 8


The viscous coupling is a thermostatic device that's an integral part of your 4x4's cooling system. When the engine is cold or at normal operating temperature, the viscous coupling is partially disengaged. This saves power as the engine doesn’t have to drive the fan fully. However, if the engine temperature rises above the viscous coupling’s engagement setting, the fan fully engages. This draws more air through the vehicle's radiator, which helps maintain or lower the engine coolant temperature to an acceptable level.

Why Change the Viscous Coupling?

If you notice engine overheating at idle or in slow traffic, it might be a sign that the viscous coupling is failing to engage, preventing air from being drawn through the radiator.

Engine Running and Hot: Try stopping the viscous coupling with a piece of cardboard. If it’s constantly ventilating, causing engine power loss or increased fuel consumption, the viscous coupling might be stuck in a position that doesn't correspond to the temperature, meaning it’s not disengaging properly when the engine is cold.

Engine Off and Cold: Try spinning the fan. If you notice lukewarm heating or failing air conditioning, it could mean the viscous coupling isn’t regulating the radiator or air conditioning temperature properly according to the outside climate. Also, listen for any grinding noises while the engine is running, which could indicate worn bearings in the viscous coupling, causing play and noise in the engine's operation.

Regular checks and timely replacement of the viscous coupling can prevent these issues, ensuring your vehicle's cooling system operates efficiently.

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Fan - viscous coupling
Fan - viscous coupling
2 Weeks
347,67 € excl. VAT