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Genuine or aftermarket?

Genuine or aftermarket?

Genuine parts

A genuine part is a spare part as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer itself. It's the only part that bears the manufacturers logo and branding on the packaging.

This part is not necessarily exactly the same as the part installed when the vehicle was originally manufactured because:

It will be the latest version of a part that may have evolved since initial production

Manufacturers sometimes deliberately sell a spare part that is slightly different

Be wary of counterfeit parts!
Counterfeiting aims to create the impression to the customer that the item purchased or being fitted is a genuine part when it is not.
How to recognize a counterfeit part?
This concerns above all the packaging which may be a poor reproduction of the genuine packaging. The quality of such parts is often very poor the counterfeiter has no concerns over brand image. The only goal is to maximise profit.

What are the problems?

Quality difference compared to the genuine part

Illegal use of the manufacturers logo & brand

The problem of intellectual property rights that often concern "design" parts (mainly body parts)

Breach of industrial property, copyright and patents for certain parts

OEM parts

An OEM part (short for Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a part made by the manufacturer or made for them to their specification by an external company.

However, even though the letters OEM represent a definite level of quality, they are not to be confused with genuine parts. An OEM part is actually a very high-quality aftermarket part.

Aftermarket parts

An aftermarket part is more or less a faithful copy of an original part that can be fitted in place of the original part but is not sold in the car manufacturers packaging.

It is not a counterfeit part, because there is no attempt to deceive consumers by passing the part off as a genuine part.

Part quality will vary according to the manufacturer, from excellent to poor.


Our mission at Euro4x4parts is to offer the best quality at the best price.

This is why we decided to offer as many OEM and aftermarket parts as possible and to pay particular attention to our choice of aftermarket suppliers. Our catalogue includes suppliers such as: SKF, Lucas, Delphi, Bosch, Aisin, Valéo, Comline, Budweg, Mécatrans, Nippon Denso, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electrics, Koyo, Timken, GMB, NWP, Paraut, TRW, Baldwin, Crossland, NPR, Stone, AR Technology, Metelly, Masiero, Ferrodo, Mintex, Garett, ACL Mahle, Interparts, Coopers, Dana, Eaton, ZF, Mann, and many others.

In addition to OEM/afteremarket parts we also offer purely genuine parts from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, UMM, Suzuki, Land Rover, General Motors, Hyundai, Ssangyong, Kia, and other manufactuers. Sometimes, we bypass these large companies to source directly from their suppliers - this allows us to provide the same high quality parts at much lower prices.

Last but not least we have more and more parts manufactured for us.

The parts we sell are not just good quality - they are of excellent quality. We do not compromise on the quality of our parts - we know that the safety of your vehicle depends on the parts you use to maintain it.

For example, because of their importance to your safety and that of your passengers, we only sell brake pads from suppliers who comply with the European R90 standard, which is very strict in terms of friction.

Our range of parts

GENUINE: Genuine part supplied by the vehicle manufacturer in original packaging.

OEM: Replacement part made by a manufacturer who supplies genuine parts for other vehicle manufacturers.

AFTERMARKET: Offering the same functions and features as the genuine part, but not from a genuine supplier.

PERFORMANCE: Part that offers improved specifications compared to original part and is designed for exceptional usage constraints.

For example : our range of front brake pads for the Toyota KZJ 70/73

Genuine front brake pads: part number BPG1029

OEM front brake pads: part number BPG1002

Aftermarket front brake pads: part number BPL1168

Performance brake pads for competition: part number JPP1052









The choice is yours ! For most mechanical parts, we offer a range of options so so that you can choose according to the age of your vehicle, its value, its use or your budget.

Euro4x4parts guarantee

All our parts carry a 2 year guarantee.

For certain aftermarket parts, the guarantee can run to as much as 5 years and even « lifetime » ! For example cylinders heads (excluding camshafts, precombustion chabers and valves), single mass flywheels, etc...

The Euro4x4parts ethical charter

We consider ourselves as a responsible citizens of the world in which we live. We do not tolerate any compromise in the following areas:

  1. We will not sell parts produced by companies that employ children or prisoners.
  2. We will not sell parts whose manufacturing process is detrimental to the environment.
  3. We comply with all laws and regulations concerning working conditions.
  4. We scrupulously apply all European directives as regards the treatment and disposal of waste.