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Sport our colours at your 4x4 events !

Whether you're organizing your annual club meeting, your forum get-together or a 4x4 show we got the right publicity and signage material for you: ranging from flyers & flags to banners & security tape. You can buy these items below or alternatively send us a sponsoring request.

"4x4ddict" Tough banner

  • Banner on micro-perforated mesh 350gm² PVC, 100x300cm, digitally printed on one side only, attachment 8 eyes + 4 elastic cords
"4x4ddict" Tough banner NOS2010
In stock
€25.00 excl. VAT

Arial Flag - 2019

  • Dimensions (cm): 20 x 30, 2cm flat sleeve, 20cm cord
Arial Flag - 2019 NOS2021
In stock
€2.08 excl. VAT

Euro4x4parts Safety tape

  • 8cm wide / 100m roll
Euro4x4parts Safety tape NOS2011
In stock
€5.83 excl. VAT

Euro4x4parts Teardrop Flag banners - 2016

  • Size: 165x70cm (2.8m Flag pole), Oxford bag package
Euro4x4parts Teardrop Flag banners - 2016 NOS2012
In stock
€20.83 excl. VAT


  • 300g coated gloss paper, 10 x 21 cm folded format , 20 x 21 cm un-folded format.
Flyer - German NOS2017
In stock
€0.20 excl. VAT
Flyer - English NOS2005
In stock
€0.20 excl. VAT
Flyer - Spanish NOS2006
In stock
€0.20 excl. VAT
Flyer - Italian NOS2007
In stock
€0.20 excl. VAT

SALON: Flamme publicitaire

  • Size: 340x70cm (4.6m Flag pole), Oxford bag package and grass spike
SALON: Flamme publicitaire NOS2014
In stock
€41.67 excl. VAT

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