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Who are "we" ?

Who are "we" ?

Who are "we" ?

Nowadays companies are often big and faceless, we'd like you to know, you'll be dealing with real people. is the creation of an off-road enthusiast, Françoise Hollender, and a mechanics expert, Georges Graciet.

Françoise, from the Alsace region, previously worked as a marketing manager for a food industry multinational. Georges, a native of south west France, managed an automobile transmission company.

Today, Georges runs the company alone. Françoise sold her shares to follow another personal path, while continuing to assist with marketing and communication projects at Euro4x4parts.

Where did the idea come from to Euro4x4parts ?


I was running a manufacturing company producing transmission parts and we exported 80% of our production. . We were being asked for more and more parts for Japanese vehicles and in particular 4x4...

With my industrial background and in particular exporting to Asia, i knew exactly where these parts were produced and how to supply them at a good price.


Communication Manager

Euro4x4parts Initially, was the result of a pure marketing opportunity: the 4x4 parts there was specialised press and media dedicated to enthusiasts which facilitated communication.

It was also a niche market adapted to our profile in the automotive sector which was our common ground.

Do you participate in competitions?


Personally no, but I'm a real fan of off-road rally racing, I find this sport fascinating ...


It's been a long time since the competition tempted me. Time is often lacking, but passion eventually wins out! Having started on a Toyota in the 24 hours TT of France, i then turned to extreme competitions such as Breslau Poland, Breslau Balkan, Croatia Trophy, all with a proto Land Rover, with 2 races of 8 days per year minimum.

Why choose Euro4x4parts ?


We've put all our knowledge and our energy into the company. We love to share this knowledge. We constantly strive to improve our skills, , the scope of our range of products , and their availability.. We revel in searching for hard-to-find parts, and creating new kits to make the lives of our clients easier, etc. ....

We also constantly working to improve the quality of information in our database in particular in terms of clarity and precision.

All of this with a dose of modesty and tenacity that characterises people with a long term commitment.


Euro4x4parts doesn't claim to be perfect. But we do everything we can to offer the very best service to our clients - by finding the part they need at the best price and as quickly as possible.

Beyond supplying parts, Euro4x4parts shows a real commitment to the 4x4 community by directly participating in a maximum of 4x4 events and helping teams to participate and succeed in competitions., but also in travel in the long run.

And if you were not satisfied, Euro4x4parts is committed to finding a solution for you !

We have both put the best of ourselves into creating and we are proud of its success.

160 000 customers have already put their trust in us, and 20000 of these are just from the past 12 months, 77 new customers per day on average !

We'd like to give all our customers a big thank you for trusting us with their vehicles.

Our commitment

Our mission is to import and distribute 4x4 parts et SUV with a double target, for trade and individual clients, throughout the world and for all models of 4x4 on the road in Europe.

Our engagements

Accuracy & Choice

Accuracy and choice of a range of parts unique in Europe

  • 70 000 references part numbers

    This database of parts and accessories, for 95% of 4x4s on the road, is unique in Europe. it enables you to select the precise part you need, avoiding unnecessary returns.
  • Our rebuild kits (brakes, transmission and transfer, steering, engine, axle, swivel)

    Their have helped to forge our reputation: Ordering is simplified and you can get to work knowing you won't be missing a washer at the last minute !
  • the part you need!

    And if you do not find what you are looking for, we have a team of technicians who can find the room you need !


4 types of part

  • Replacement or aftermarket parts

  • original manufacturer parts

  • OEM / OES parts

    (from suppliers of original parts)
  • performance parts

    Intended for intensive use

you'll notice that are prices are

  • less expensive than in concession

    This isn't because they are of inferior quality !
  • but simply reflects the fact

    that we have drastically reduced the number of intermediaries between the manufacturer and you, the client! !
Huge stock

Our stock is

  • massive

    so we can supply parts as quickly as possible
  • 80% of orders

    are dispatched the same or the next day.

Service and beyond !

  • 14 languages

    We speak in our offices: French, English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Dutch, italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Mandarin Chinese and Korean.
  • We're here to help!

    whether you simply need a hand diagnosing a problem, preparing for a journey or just finding the right part for the job...
  • We will never let you down !

    If a problem arises, we are always on hand to find a solution.
  • find the rare part

    In addition, we are committed to doing our best to find the rare part you need.

Mad about 4x4 practical mechanics?

  • mechanical advice

    Beyond the sale of parts, we are happy to help you with our mechanical advice
  • articles & news

    We regularly write articles to inform you of news
  • We will never let you down !

    If a problem arises, we are always on hand to find a solution.
  • Tips

    to give you assembly tips and information on mechanical topics that interest you.
  • Mecazine4x4

    You will find them on the Mecazine4x4

Beyond 4x4 parts


Professionals, we pamper you !

  • performance

    We know you depend on our performance
  • an express delivery in 24 hours

  • specially studied rates

  • opening a professional account

  • your personalized catalog

    Once registered, you will be able to access it directly on our site.