1 Vincent Poincelet - Julien Rivière (Fouquet-Nissan) - Congratulations!

2 Anicet Garicoix - Laurent Garicoix (Rivet-Porsche)

3 Mathieu Hirigoyen - Jon Charriton ( Fouquet-Nissan)

4 Alain Pierrine - Emma Pierrine (Fouquet-Nissan)

5 Christophe Costes - Mireille Costes (Fouquet-Nissan)

6 Vincent Foucart - Elodie Masse (Rivet-Mazda)

7 Sébastien Urrutia - Pierre Urrutia (Rivet-Nissan)

8 Didier Barthe - Bruno Idiart (Fouquet-Honda)

9 Fabrice Rivet - Morgane Rivet (Rivet-Cyclone)

10 Yannick Lonne-Peyret - Julien Coudeu (Fouquet-Honda)

Nicolas Larroquet won the 2Wheel Drive category.

Franck Olaizola won the 4x4 category.

"Despite the wet weather the public was present. Many spectators came out of curiosity to see the new special called the" Chalosse ".

70 registered, 68 started 22 dropped out.

Poincelet River was untouchable in the final and won the 15th edition of the Rallye orthézien. Garicoix missed winning for a second time by 48 seconds, while Hirigoyen, very regular throughout the race, took third place on the podium, with Pierrine only two seconds behind. "

(source: Sud Ouest)


(source: Valérie64 Photographie & facebook Rallye Orthez Béarn)

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