Together with the Jeep Wrangler and the Land Rover Defender, the Mercedes G-Wagen (Geländewagen) is one of the world's truly iconic 4x4s. The timeless style has hardly changed since its release in 1979, and this is what has made it so successful to date. Although intitially designed for military use, it has now become a luxury vehicle. Parts are expensive, and hard to find outside of the main dealer network.

Here at Euro4x4parts we offer a solution by regularly adding new generic parts to our catalogue, not to mention a wide range of accessories!


You can now find all the steering components you need for your Mercedes G-Wagen at great prices at Euro4x4parts. Built to the exact same specifications these generic parts are designed to replace the original parts and get you back on track steering like a Mercedes should!

Steering link (or drag link): links the steering box to the swivel hub via the Pitman (or drop) arm.

Tie rod: links the two swivel hubs together

Tie rod ends (ball joints): at the end of each drag link or tie rod 

Steering Dampers

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