Europa Truck Trial

The heavy weights

 Created 25 years ago by a German organisation, the Europa Truck trial is THE European Championship Truck Trial. This is a driving challenge where speed is not important. Only the ability to overcome the difficulties counts. Specially prepared trucks compete across five categories depending on their size and the number of wheels.

The meeting is on the 23rd and 24th of May 2015!

2015: More than 40 trucks!

The sun was shinning for the 2015 Europa Truck Trial that attracted over 40 trucks between 2 and 18 tons.

Nearly10.000 spectators enjoyed the show in the former stone quarry with its stone steps, rocks, steep descents and climbs and mud!

Another success for this stage of the European Truck Trial Championship!



What’s it all about?

The season is divided into six to seven stages a year in several countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Czech Republic). At the end of which a European champion is named in each category.

The French stage has been going for 19 years inMontalieu Vercieu(38), in the superb natural setting of an old stone quarry. The site has developed over the years and consists of a trials area, exhibitors village, restaurants and bars.

Take a look at the 2014 edition

Find the 2014 edition HERE

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