Why replace a wheel stud?

A stud may start to show signs of wear over time or can even break when a wheel nut has been overtightened. If this is the case, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

In this tutorial, we show you step-by-step how to replace a front wheel stud on your 4x4.

For this purposes of this tutorial, we're working on a Nissan Patrol Y61? However, the steps are basically the same for many other 4x4 makes & models.


To change a front wheel stud on your 4x4, you will need the following:

. Jack

. Wheel brace

. Ratchet wrench + socket

. Cruciform screwdriver

. Flat screwdriver

. Hammer

. Grease


To give you an idea of the difficulty level of our tutorials, we rate them from 1 to 5.

Replacing a front-wheel stud on your 4x4 is a level 2 job.


1 - First remove the wheel.
Put the transfer box lever into 4WD, the gearbox into 1st gear and the freewheel hub into the locked position. This will allow you to undo the 6 bolts that hold the hub.
Undo the bolts to release the hub.

2 - Use the cruciform screwdriver to release the round plate that holds the bearing in place.

3 - Remove the plate.

4 - Remove the hub carrier being careful not to damage the inner bearing cage that stays on the spindle. 

Please note: If your Y61 has the ABS option it is best to remove them to avoid damaging the ring or the sensor.

5 - Place the hub carrier on a flat surface and use the hammer to strike the stud firmly to remove.

6 - Here is the worn stud and its new replacement.

Having got this far & given the age of the 4x4 it is often best to take the opportunity to replace all the studs.

All that remains is to fit the new studs and reassemble.
Don't forget to grease the components.


Choose the right wheel stud for your 4x4:

Thanks to Jeff - https://www.patrol-gr.net/

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Please note: Euro4x4parts publishes this information to help its customers, but cannot be held responsible for the advice given here and their consequences when used.