4x4 competition - Raid de l'Amitié

From the 4th to the 13th of May, in the footsteps of the Shamrock!

Organised by the AIO France (Amitiés Internationales Organisation), the magnificent Raid de l'Amitié is now the second most important rally after the Dakar in the number of participants.

More and more competitors take part in each edition to discover the desert and join the AIO in this human adventure. Technical and navigational skills are needed for this raid; the only support is a road-book and a Sat Nav. There is no clock but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a competition. There is still the desire to win but in a friendly atmosphere, which is the concept of the raid! (source: AIO France)

General Ranking

Top 10

1 - N° R15 : Williame Michel & Delbaere JC (Auto)

2 - N° R21 : Delahaye Patrick & Doreau Grégory (Auto)- Congratulations!

3 - N° 13 : Reding Steve (Moto)

4 - N° 43 : Depeyre Christophe (Moto)

5 - N° 55 : Pinteau Michel (Moto)

6 - N° 26 : Giron Loïc (Moto)

7 - N° 34 : Bottner Michel (Moto)

8 -N° 10 : Blain Eric (Moto)

9 - N° R39 : Comte Laurent & Romeo Laurent (Auto)

10 - N° 32 : Mendes Arthur

In pictures!

(source photos: AIO France)

Dates and route

  • 4th May: Arrival of all competitors in LAAYOUNE. Administrative and technical checks from 2pm till 10pm.
  • 5th May: LAAYOUNE / LAAYOUNE: Dune stage.
  • 6th May: LAAYOUNE / BOUJDOUR: Varied tracks. Organised bivouac. Free to eat in the fish restaurants of the city pre-selected by Orga.
  • 7th May: BOUJDOUR/LAAYOUNE: Varied tracks, chott (dry salt lake) and cape BOUJDOUR
  • 8th May:LAAYOUNE / LAAYOUNE: Varied tracks and erg (sand sea)
  • 9th May: LAAYOUNE / LAAYOUNE: Varied tracks and sand. Outside classification an initiation in night navigation with a 60kms stage on the cape. 3 loops of a 20km course with refreshment points. A great moment head under the stars and guided by the moonlight.
  • 10th May: LAAYOUNE / LAAYOUNE: Varied tracks and erg.
  • 11th May: LAAYOUNE / SMARA: Varied tracks and erg. Bivouac and dinner organised.
  • 12th May:SMARA / TAN TAN: Varied tracks and dunes.
  • 13th May:TAN TAN / AGADIR: Varied tracks, beach and dunes. 8pm Prize giving.

An average of 350kms per stage on all types of tracks. 2015 will be in the South so be ready for sand, ergs and fast tracks!

  • Bikes
  • Quads
  • 4x4
  • Protos
  • Trucks

Our teams taking part

Patrick Delahaye
Grégory Doreau
Patrol GR Y61 - Raid de l'Amitié
Patrol GR Y61
Jean Pierre Faussart
Bertrand Charavin
Nissan Patrol GR Y60 - Raid de l'Amitié 2015
Nissan Patrol GR Y60

Take a look at the 2014 edition

Find the 2014 edition HERE

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All the photos in this article were taken on authorized roads or tracks, private land, or during supervised competitions. Let's all do our part to preserve the environment!