Equip'addict: entry level value for money

A range of 8 winches from 3.6 to 7.7 tons in 12 volts or 24 volts, complete with steel cable or synthetic rope. 2 models are designed specifically for UTV / ATV.
Great value for money!

Top name quality: KINGONE

A complete range of 12 4x4 winches ranging from 3 to 9 ton capacity (12 volts) delivered as standard with synthetic rope and 4 winches for UTV / ATV, 1.4 tonnes and 1.8 tonnes.

Ideal for overland expeditions or extreme off road use, these winches have a well earned reputation for coping with intense action.

An hydraulic model, supplied bare bone, is also available.

Top of the range design and performance: RED WINCH

RED WINCH offers a range of 12-volt and 24-volt winches with single or double Bow II engines, featuring with the famous Albright relays. They are machined solid billet high grade aluminium and anodized red, they combine power, solidity and esthetics.

All winches are equipped with a pneumatic release as well as a new brake system allowing the winch to stop without any inertia, which gives them an even better level of safety.

Supplied without rope, to added separately according to your requirements.

Ultimate competition winches: GIGGLEPIN

GIGGLEPIN winches need no introduction. The have an unbeatable reputation having been featured in so many competition wins.

The famous GP100 with the 6.8 HP double Bow II engine is available in 12 volts, supplied with Albright high quality relays and equipped with a pneumatic release system.

In order to choose the required weight / speed ratio, 5 different ratios are proposed: from 3 to 14 tons and between 23 and 100 m/minute.

All models feature a 766 mm wide drum that can handle 40m of 12 mm rope (rope sold separately, as required - enough to cope with the toughest of situations.

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