Raid Berbère Gaston Rahier

A worthy humanitarian action from the 25th of April to the 9th of May

With fourteen years of experience working for 4x4 associations particularly specialised in humanitarian raids, here is the 11th edition of the Raid Humanitaire Berbère Gaston Rahier.

It’s above all a humanitarian raid, it’s not a race it’s a “journey” of discovery through a welcoming country where every inhabitant is a host and every meal a feast.


Raid 2015 in pictures


7000 km of roads and tracks through France, Spain and Morocco. From Oise in France via Bordeaux, Burgos, Valladolid, Seville and Algeciras. Donations will be distributed to schools along the route.

Donations are diverse:

  • School supplies, computers and toys
  • Medical supplies
  • Clothing and footwear

A raid with an educational purpose!

This year's the raid comprises four off-road vehicles and 12 people, including 4 children. They have medical and mechanical assistance.

This is the third time that the raid has given children the opportunity to take part in an educational project. They will discover the rich history of the area its geography, resources, culture and difficulties.

Eco citizenship is also present, the raid aims to leave no trace behind itself by collecting all waste. For the participates and the organisers its a way of combining pleasure with an action ecologic.

The raid also encourages participants to drive economically along the 7,000 km of tracks. This is done by simply driving in a straight line to avoid sudden acceleration and braking.

Morocco is an invitation to discover and change of scenery its hospitality is legendary.

(source: AMTT - Raid Berbère Gaston Rahier)

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All the photos in this article were taken on authorized roads or tracks, private land, or during supervised competitions. Let's all do our part to preserve the environment!