Why fit a snorkel?

A snorkel isn't just for crossing through water. It does a great job filtering the air intake and keeping the dust and sand away from the engine.

In this tutorial we are going to show you step-by-step how to fit a snorkel to your 4x4.

We'll be working on a Land Rover Discovery 4

The basic steps are the same for most 4x4 makes and models.


To fit the snorkel on your 4x4, you are going to need:

. Ratchet wrench + sockets

. Flat spanners

. Flat and Phillips screwdrivers

. Adhesive tape

. Drill + drill bit

. Hacksaw blade

. Tin snips


To give you an idea of the difficulty level of our tutorials, we note them from 1 to 5.

Fitting a snorkel onto your 4x4 is a level 3 job.


1 - The airbox needs to be removed to give proper access.

2 - Unplug the plug.

3 - Disconnect the hoses.

4 - Remove the airbox.

5 - Remove the inner wheel arch protection.

6 - The snorkel hose is going to run through here.

7 - Remove the air intake grille located on the side of the wing.

8 - Remove the 2 plastic connectors to make way for the snorkel hose.

9 - Place the hose into position, working from the outside of the wing. Be careful not to damage the hose at this stage.

10 - Attach the template to the wing as described in the instructions, then drill the holes as required to fit the snorkel. As ever, don't rush this delicate stage.

11 - Remove the wheel arch extension to give you more room to work.

12 - Here you will need to cut out the metal so as to allow the hose to pass. You can use a metal saw blade or tin snips. 

Here we used a plasma cutter.

13 - When the hose is in place, add the end connector and then refit the airbox.

14 - Here you need to attach the snorkel to the hose before screwing it into position.

Now you can refit the wheel arch extension and the inner arch protection.

15 - Job done! The snorkel looks great on this Discovery 4.


We also supply an alternative brand for this model:

Airflow Snorkel

Choose the right snorkel for your 4x4

Credits: Thanks to the Association Sportive Mantaise - blog.asm4x4.com

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