1 & 2 November 2014 - Hesdin (France)

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Despite battling against a host of technical and mechanical problems with their vehicles, competitors enjoyed the great atmosphere at this rally.

(Photos: M-pictures Photography)

General ranking

  1. Team Toy
  2. Team GRX
  3. Team Ponny
  4. Team Weazel
  5. Rockymannen
  6. Team des Def
  7. Team may Motorsport 2
  8. Team Vellinga
  9. Team hesp
  10. Team Bok
  11. Team Rage Rover
  12. Team Black Pearl
  13. Team 4x4 extrême
  14. Team nbsp;may Motorsport 1
  15. Team Road Runner
  16. Team 183 Pim
  17. Team Appel
  18. Didier Delelis
  19. Team 183 Jean
  20. Team Mud Devils
  21. Team Willys Racing
  22. Team WSR 2
  23. Team Xylon
  24. Team Ginger Dwarf
  25. Team Sjikita
  26. Team Acerni Racing
  27. Team 183
  28. Team Offroad Terror
  29. Team Janssens
  30. Team de Toeristen
  31. Team Supersam
  32. Team Cuper Esra

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