4x4 Rally - Rally Raid Pionnier's 2019

When history takes over

The Pioneer Rally is a superb raid with the values of yesteryear in the spirit of the first "Dakar Rallies"!

Simplicity, friendliness, human values, and especially the desire to live a beautiful adventure in the desert aboard a historical car, whether it's an original or a replica.

This rally is not about speed it's about regularity and an imposed time. The stages are between 300 to 400km a day, with short links and night stages. All on tracks or off-road with the impressive dunes of Merzouga and mountain tracks. What more could you want!



The Pioneer's Rally is from the 13th to the 19th of October 2019, in Morocco!

General Results


TOP 10

  1. #117 - L. Shark & F. Cazalet
  2. #104 - F. D'Heilly & F. D'Heilly
  3. #102 - JL. Gallois & D. Dumont
  4. #108 - P. Delahaye & V. Roudier
  5. #103 - A. Lefort & N. Merlotti
  6. #113 - X. Gueyraud & F. Chaumeil
  7. #107 - S. Plan & P. Revol
  8. #106 - P. Ancelin & H. Huriaux
  9. #100 - J. Roiseux & F. Leygue
  10. #111 - M. Arnaud & P. Vasseur


TOP 10

  1. #127 - F. Joly & L. Joly
  2. #132 - J. Arenales & S. Fiorani
  3. #131 - V. Roy & G. Roy
  4. #130 - P. Zahar & T. Zahar
  5. #138 - H. Grand'Eury & A. Ferrieux
  6. #123 - M. Arnaud & C. Arnaud
  7. #122 - P. Conchon & G. Jego
  8. #129 - F. Beaudoin & V. Beaudoin
  9. #125 - A. Lemonier & B. Saussaye
  10. #128 - R. Menier & N. Piveteau

All the results are HERE.

In pictures!

(source: Official photos Rallye Raid des Pionniers - H. Grand'Eury - Facebook)


  • Cars - Trucks
  • Motorbikes - Quads


Stage 1: Oujda-Figuig

  • A long and varied stage, immense and magnificent landscapes.

Stage 2: Figuig-Erg Chebi

  • You will have to be particularly vigilant on this difficult stage with its many obstacles, not to mention crossing the wadi.
  • Amazing landscapes.

Stage 3: Erg Chebi-Znaigui

  • A shorter course with 2 loops.
  • You will discover an impressive old mining town.

Stage 4: Erg Chebi-Errachidia

  • The first part is a climb north towards Errachidia. The second part of the stage in the mountains east of Errachidia is new this year. Sensations and breathtaking landscapes guaranteed!

Stage 5: Errachidia-Midelt

  • "Tourist" stage.

Stage 6: Midelt-Fez

  • End of the journey in the Atlas mountains.


Our teams competing

Laurent Bovis
Anne Poinsot
Land Rover Proto - Sixtones Racing team
Land Rover Proto
Hélène Grand'Eury
Armelle Ferrieux
Mitsubishi Pajero - team Roses 38
Mitsubishi Pajero
Josie Arenales
S. Fiorani
Toyota KZJ - Team 132
Toyota KZJ

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All the photos in this article were taken on authorized roads or tracks, private land, or during supervised competitions. Let's all do our part to preserve the environment!