The cold weather might be just around the corner. Now's the time to get your 4x4 ready for winter.
As temperatures drop, you'll be putting some extra strain on your vehicle.

Euro4x4parts is here to help.

Here is a selection of parts and accessories to help you get ready.

Glow plugs

Here at Euro4x4parts we offer a vast range of glow plugs for vehicles in 12 and 24 volts.
As ever, you can choose between genuine or aftermarket parts.

GENUINE:  part delivered in the original packaging of the car manufacturer.
AFTERMARKET: part offering the same functions and characteristics as an genuine part, but not made by genuine manufacturer.

But for some vehicles, we also offer the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): replacement parts manufactured by an equipment manufacturer that supplies one or more manufacturers.

We offer a range of glow plugs for nearly 40 makes of 4x4 vehicles.

Some examples from our catalogue:

Choose the right glow plugs for your 4x4 here:

Windscreen wipers

Are your wipers looking tired and no longer up to the job? Euro4x4parts offers a broad range of windscreen wipers for more than 30 makes of 4x4.

You can choose from classic wipers or "Aqua" models

Some examples from our catalogue:

Choose the right windscreen wiper blades for your 4x4 here:

Battery charger

Many of us have replaced old style batteries to more advanced units such as the Optima or Odyssey style gel batteries (for example). You can't just hook them up to your old charger that's lying around in the garage. If you want to make them last and make the most of them and their autonomy, you will have to use a modern charger.

The CTEK MXS 5.0 charger is a very practical size and can be easily hooked up whenever your battery needs it or, much more judicious, be installed permanently in your 4×4.

Very useful especially for Optima auxiliary batteries for winches, fridges, etc.

Our products :

Jump start booster

This jump start booster pack has a power of 600 Amps (750 Amps peak rate) it allows you to start up to 4.0 litres  diesel and 6.0 litres petrol engines.

It also serves as an auxiliary battery charger for all electronic devices and has a control screen to track the battery charge percentage.

It can be recharged by mains or 12 volts. The solar charge serves as a back-up, (15% charge in one afternoon). Its compact size makes it practical to use.

EU approved.

It is therefore very important to prepare your 4x4 to get through the winter months the winter even if you're not planning on any long journeys during this period.

Nothing is more unpleasant than breaking down at the side of the road as temperatures plummet or as the snow is falling down!

At Euro4x4parts, we are here to help and ensure that both you and your 4x4 enjoy this winter in the best possible conditions ...

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