10th edition – 16th January to the 1st February


Budapest-Bamako présentation

The Budapest-Bamako rally began in 2005, and is the work of a group of Hungarians driven by a passion for adventure.  For the last ten years more than 400 amateur rally enthusiasts from all over the world assemble for the world's biggest amateur trans-Saharan rally.

The rally combines three things: sport, a humanitarian gesture and an opportunity to visit a number of countries. Participants make the journey from Budapest to Bamako. All along the route there are interesting encounters to be made and the participants deliver the donations that they have collected.

A special feature of this rally is the originality of some of the vehicles that have been built by their drivers; some of them are even made out of wood! 


General Ranking

1-#5- Gumisember Team

2-#7-Desert Patrol

3-#10- Sandergők

4-#2-Duro Racing Team

5-#26- Kalinin - Grapengiesser


7-#23- Dig Deep Dig Deeper

8-#260-Go Go B team

9-#19- B.D. in Desert

10- #21- Laur Balaur

11- #27- Helgaby organic farming

12- #22- Harpagany

13- #29- Viver Olivais

14- #12- Powered by WINDOWS8

15- #6 - Reddaposta Bamako Team

16- #20- B30

17- #9-Baka-Vők

18- #3-OFF-The-ROAD-Again 4X4 Team8

19- #221-MárkAszerviz

20- #25- Jesarijasikaa

21- #8-Felvidék Team

22- #18- Team Leipzig

23- #24- Meyer

24- #30- Truckventur

25- #14- Chaos

26- #31- SFR1

27- #28- SMH Team- #16- Kalandorok - #240- Leboo life

Route 2015

Our team : Oleg Negara and Adrian Carmaciu

Team Laur Balaur - #21

Photos from previous editions

(source : budapestbamako.org)

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