Front Runner accessories are made to withstand the most extreme terrain. At the same time, they offer easy assembly and disassembly as well as flexibility for storing equipment on the sides, top, and the full length of your roof rack.

Front Runner offers you a number of solutions for attaching your sports equipment, camping gear, water, off-road gear, tent, etc.

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Front runner Cub pack (Storage containers)

Stop using temporary storage solutions, instead use these durable, stackable, and lockable boxes.

These compact plastic boxes are easy to store in a pick up bed and can be positioned vertically to save space.

The design of the lids allows the boxes to be stacked. They can be placed outside without any worries.

Technical details :

- made of high resistance black plastic

- equipped with integrated handles for easy transport

- versatile

  Use the boxes in with the straps and tie down points for a secure transport solution.

Front runner Stratchits (Lashing straps)

Use a revolutionary way to tie your loads to your vehicle. These straps are lightweight and durable. Ditch your heavy and complicated ratchet straps, and stop struggling with the fixed length of the elastic tensioners. They have all the advantages of a ratchet strap and elastic tensioner. They are sold in pairs.

Simply tie the ends and tighten the strap by hand. This is a fast and remarkably efficient solution.

Front runner Tie down rings

These steel tie-down rings can be used to tie almost anything to your roof rack. These galvanized steel rings coated in black epoxy paint are sold in pairs.

They are easy to use and quick to install and should be mounted to a Front Runner rack through the T-slots on the top, bottom, and sides of the rack rails.

No tools are needed. Simply tighten the tie-down rings by hand.

Front runner Hi-lift jack bracket

This 2-piece lockable rack easily bolts to the side of the Front Runner Slimline II rack so you can carry a jack without any vibrations. It fits all Hi-Lift jacks. There are two elements: one to hold the jack handle and another to attach the base of the jack.

Technical details :

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Lockable with a padlock

Front runner Spare Wheel Step

Strap these steps onto your spare tire. It’s a simple, non-permanent ladder to access the top of your vehicle.

It’s a convenient way to access your roof rack.

The ladder is attached to the rear spare wheel with the sturdy black straps provided.

The spare wheel steps can be used on wheels from 24 "to 35". No drilling or tools are required. A simple way to have a ladder on your spare tire.

Technical details :

  • made of stainless steel with black epoxy paint
  •  equipped with non-slip steps

Front Runner Spade Bracket

Here is the solution for transporting a spade/shovel or a similarly shaped tool with a diameter of 12mm to 50mm. These brackets can be installed in minutes on the side rails of the gallery without drilling. Ratchet straps are made to match different circumferences and provide a firm grip on the sides of a Front Runner rack to prevent vibration. The locks come off quickly and this allows the spade/shovel to be removed easily.

Front runner single and double jerry can holder

This single or double jerry can holder offers a smart solution without rattling. This solution means you’ll never be short of fuel wherever you are.

The strap covers the cap of the jerrycan. Add your own padlock and you won't  have to worry about losing your fuel.

Technical details :

  • made of black powder coated stainless steel
  • designed to easily screw onto the Front Runner roof racks using the crossbars on the rack
  • adjustable stainless steel latch with safety catch that keeps your jerry can firmly in place

Front runner Gas bottle holder

Carry and store gas/propane bottles on the roof rack of your vehicle with this stainless steel rack.

Some drilling is required to install the bracket.

Technical details:

  • black powder-coated
  • adjustable clamp to accommodate gas bottles with a diameter of 210 mm up to 290 mm

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