Equip'addict camping gear for your next adventure

Check out our Equip'addict range, packed with handy, compact, and tough accessories. They're perfect for fuss-free outdoor dining.

From fold-up tables to ultra-compact travel barbecues, every accessory is designed with your 4x4 trips in mind.

The Equip'addict line is all about making your life easier whether you're out in the wilds or enjoying a weekend break. We've thought about your vehicle too, helping you optimise space for all the gear you need. That means you can hit the road without sacrificing any creature comforts.

Get all the gear you need without breaking the bank, thanks to our Equip'addict brand.


Check out the Equip'addict Comfort Folding Chair, complete with its protective cover. Full details here.


Are you known as the barbecue king at home? There's no reason you shouldn't be during your off-road adventures, too. Say goodbye to cold rice or pasta salads. Thanks to the Equip'addict travel barbecue, become the master of grilling and impress your family or friends, even when you're out in the middle of nowhere. Very practical, it folds flat for optimal storage in your 4x4 and comes complete with its own carry bag.

Electrical power freedom

Looking for an alternative power solution for your camping trips without draining your main battery?  Thanks to the sun and the Equip'addict semi-flexible solar panels we have the perfect solution. They easily attach to the roof of your vehicle to capture and store sunlight in your secondary battery, so you don't have to draw from the alternator. Installation is made simple with the charge controller. You connect the panel on one side, and the secondary battery on the other. Simple and efficient!

Why use a secondary energy system? Simply because your onboard items (travel fridges, chargers, compressors, and others) deplete your main battery's resources, which could lead to a breakdown when starting up. Also, having a secondary system protects your 4x4 and provides the necessary energy.




Lifestraw water bottle full details

Lifestraw filter straw - full details



Some accessories are must-haves for your 4x4. They prove their worth in both everyday use & when the going gets tough.

Spare wheel bag - find out more!

Equip'addict canvas bag set - find out more!

Find all the expedition & camping gear you need:

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