Presentation - Roses des Andes 2015

"De nuevo estamos de vuelta!"

"Were back again" this is the typical welcome cry in Argentina.

After the resounding success of the first edition, it is with great emotion and enthusiasm that the competitors in the Roses des Andes Trophy are preparing to return to Argentina.

The magnificent Andes and the Altiplano of northwestern Argentina are impatiently waiting for the Roses from the 12th to the 23rd of April!

Looking for adventure? It's simple!

All you need is a driving licence, a team with a driver and a co-driver, and above all the desire to live a great adventure with a spirit of solidarity! Its accessible to novice or confirmed drivers.

The participants aim to rally the day's stage with a road book, a map and a compass. Only the orientation counts for the classification, speed isnt important.

The Trophy has several orientation stages, crossing dunes and the traditional marathon stage (two days in total autonomy).


A team of professionals with a mobile PC, service vehicles and a security helicopter provides supervision logistics and security.

The 4x4s Toyota Hilux or the equivalent are for rent. They all offer the same power and equipment and are all in good condition.

It’s looking good.

The provinces of Saltaand Catamarca are back for the 2015 edition. The experience gained from the first edition will enable the Roses to evolve on the diverse terrain that these two regions have to offer.

Mountain passes at 4.500m and huge salt flats.

From the start the Roses will be driving at high altitude over the mountain passes and through the sand and over the dunes of the Cordillera. There will be numerous driving and navigation difficulties.

Then it will be the Altiplano, with a first pass at 4,200 meters, then an immense plateau ranging from 3,500 to 4,000 metres. Stamina will be needed to cross this unique tricky landscape.

The marathon stage final promises to be exceptional. It includes a night of complete autonomy in the wilderness. The stage takes place from start to finish in the Altiplano, "puna" as they say in Argentina, with mountain passes at nearly 4,500 metres and huge never-ending salt flats.


Action, Sharing, Solidarity

These are the values of the Roses des Andes Trophy!

ACTION: Live a unique experience, excel yourself and help others.

SHARING: Having something in common. The Roses des Andes are a community.

SOLIDARITY: Solidarity on the course between the Roses, giving to the children.

Solidarity will be as present as it was in Morocco with aid going to disadvantaged children, close to the Chilean border and managed by the association Children of the Desert.

Last year it was the Equinoterapia del Azul foundation located in Salta, which received aid from the Roses!

Our teams taking part

Aurore Delmond and Sabrina Risser -  Elle'Z'As #90 Team

Christine Testud and Virginie Fiquet -  Les Altiplanettes #98 Team

Pascale Jaffrennou and Noëlle Pastor-Zürcher #41 Team

Anne Goriaux and Delphine Boué -  les timbrées du 4x4 - #19 Team

Joséphine Balas and Fleur Oberhausbergen - Las Potrancas - #116 Team

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