To the midnight sun

4x4 travel- Paris Cap Nord
Yann, Anne and Guirec – Our travellers

Combining the love of nature and off-roading, the discovering of beautiful landscapes and photography all under the midnight sun... 

This dynamic Breton family are preparing to make their dream come true by taking part in the 17th edition of the Raid Paris Cap Nord, from the 28th of July to the 28th of August 2015.

A month long photo raid from Paris to Norway through Sweden, Denmark and Finland: 12.000 km in a month!

The rankings are based on the photographs taken by the teams and judged by a professional jury.

The Breizh Beavers

is the name that this Breton-French-Canadian family have given to their team, there's the Dad, Mum and their son.

"We share the Dad's passion for cars in general and particularly 4x4s and the mum's passion for photography. What could be more natural for them to take part in this raid!"

Yanagui the Car

 The family will be taking part in the adventure in their 2003 Nissan Patrol GR LWB.

It's going to be transformed into a lounge, kitchen, dressing room and technique studio with annexed bedroom!

and joining them...

The Darraba family on-board their Nissan Navara D40 2.5 190cv, 2014 model, are joining the adventure. Their goal is to get back to basics and far away from their everyday comfort zone.

They're on their way!

The travel in pictures

The Paris - Cap Nord ….

Is the original idea of Philippe Boucher an independent director. The first raid was in 1988.

The raid is organised every two years. 

Open to all, for any type of vehicle, it takes place during the period of the midnight sun. It's not a race against the clock; it's a photographic journey across some of the most beautiful Scandinavian scenery.

Each team must submit ten photos (two per subject) every five days to a professional jury, plus a written report on a topic related to Scandinavia.

Photos will be judge during the raid and the final ranking will be revealed at the end of the raid, in Paris.

This isn't a race against time; everyone drives at their own pace. The aim is above all to discover the countries visited! 


The Raid is also:

  • 2.000 participants from 19 countries
  • More than 4 millions photos
  • Across 7 countries
  • 39 treks and other sporting events
  • A jury of 41 professional journalists.

Their vehicle

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