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Hop hop hop

The travellers instinct does exist!

Philippe, Cathy, Guy and Josiane, and of course Trufette (Philippe and Cathys dog), are the " Hop hop hops", a friendly group of travellers, fans of adventure and off- roading.

The group have been friends for ages and have already travelled extensively together. They are now ready to go further afield for even longer than before.

They will be travelling through North America for six months in a Toyota HDJ100 equipped with a Maltec cell (Totoy) and an Isuzu DMax equipped with a Globe Camper cell (Joggy). 

Latest news?

December 2015, the end of an adventure!

The adventure began!

Florida ! November 2015

South California, New Mexico, Louisiana (October 2015)

Zion & Bryce Canyon's National Parka (Utah)

California & Nevada (September 2015)

Canada - Alaska border (late August 2015)

Alaska - August 2015

USA - Dakota

Our travelers are already in Canada. The adventure can begin!

Our friends over the press! 4x4 Mag

Who are they?

Cathy, Philippe and Trufette live in the Vaucluse, and Josiane and Guy in the Haut Beaujolais.

The four of them are used to adventures. They have already travelled to many countries in Europe, from Portugal to the Black Sea via the Balkans, Sardinia, Albania, Turkey, not to mention Morocco and Tunisia.

Their vehicles

These are two sturdy vehicles equipped for this kind of trip.

  •  A HDJ 100 equipped with a carbon fiber cell for Cathy and Philip.
  •  An ISUZU DMAX equipped with a Globe Camper cell for Josiane and Guy.

Vehicle preparation:

For the HDJ 100

. Koni Raid +5

. Additional 170 litres aluminium tank

. 80 litres Water tank

. Solar + auxiliary Optima Battery

. Webasto

. Engel fridge

. Onboard computer


. OME suspension

. 130L reservoir tank + 20L jerry can

. 90L Water tank

. Solar + auxiliary Optima Battery

. Wallace GO plate for cooking and heating

. Engel fridge

. Onboard computer

The route

They plan to go to:

  •  Canada
  •  Alaska
  •  The US
  •  Mexico

They aim to leave for North America at the beginning of July 2015. The vehicles will go by Roll on Roll off and they will fly to Halifax (Nova Scotia). Then its Quebec and Eastern Canada for 3 to 4 weeks, followed by Alaska via the Niagara Falls.

The group hopes to arrive quickly in Alaska to make the most of the good weather. The hard winter conditions which arrive early at this latitude.

Then they plan to go south through British Columbia to the West Coast of the US and visit the major national parks.

Then a quick visit to Mexico (Baja California), the southern United States and at the end of December finish the adventure in Florida.

A superb program!

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