4x4 Travel- Les 5 Baroudeurs

A humanitarian family adventure!


The Pallares family is not on its first trip!

These "5 Baroudeurs" adventurers are accustomed to travelling. In July 2019 they're off on an epic humanitarian mission to Mongolia.


Aboard their Toyota HDJ80, specially prepared for the trip they will be transporting medical equipment and supplies to clinics and school.

Their vehicle has been successfully tested in Morocco, so Patrice, his wife Virginie and their three children Lola, Ophélie and Tom and the dog are confidently leaving for Asia.


They're leaving in mid-July 2019, for 13 months of adventures!



Ther're off!

2020 News


The "Baroudeurs" are still in India. It's not a problem as they are enchanted by the country and the people. Here are some photos they sent us.

End of March

Lockdown in India

Patrick, Virginie and the children have based themselves in a small village and are waiting out the lockdown.

February & March - Pakistan

January - Oman and Arab Emirates!

News 2020

Late December - Oman!

November & December - Iran

Their adventure on TV - M6 Zone Interdite!

October - Armenia & Iran

End of September - Georgia

August & September

Still in Turkey!


En route to Turkey!

Their itinerary

  • IRAN
  • OMAN

Let's meet the family

Their vehicle

The Pallares have completely refurbished themselves their Toyota HDJ80. 

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