4x4 Travel - The A.D. Adventure

Travel the world aboard a Defender 110!


David and Amy, a young Irish couple speak six languages which will be very useful as they have decided to leave everything behind them and travel the world in a 4x4. They chose a Defender 110 called it "Lou" and fitted it out for their adventure. They had their work cut out to get "Lou" ready but they did it.

In February 2022 they set off for  Morocco, and then they’re heading to Europe, Asia and Thailand. They’re free-wheeling it with no scheduled or return date!


2022 On the road!

December - Iran

October & November - Turkey

August & September - Montenegro & Albany

July - Italy

June - Change of plan

After a misadventure on the Valencia coast, Daniel and Amy are heading back to France, instead of going down to Morocco.

It’s just a change of direction to give them time to think about the next stage of their journey and sort themselves out.

We wish them an excellent continuation!

June - Spain

May - Portugal & Spain

Let's meet them!

  • Daniel studied sports science at university for 2 years then he decided to pursue his true passion, which is carpentry. He travelled to Croatia with his parents as a child and immediately fell in love with life on the road. For the past 2 years, he has earned his living building motorhomes and ambulances.
  • Amy graduated from college with an honours degree in biomedical science. She worked in a biopharmaceutical company. Today she is interested in holistic wellness and nutrition. She has travelled all over Europe, USA and Canada representing Ireland in Powerlifting competitions.

The route

They left Ireland at the beginning of February 2022 and headed for Spain, then they went to Portugal and from there to Morocco.

Their final destination is Thailand, and for the moment they have no intention of returning to Ireland.

How long the journey takes doesn’t matter. They know the road ahead won’t always be easy, especially due to the current conjuncture in the world. But they believe there’s always a way around the obstacles that they will come across.

Their vehicle

It’s a 2008 Land Rover Defender 110 Puma 2.4 with 270,000 km on the clock.

The couple first bought a Mercedes Sprinter LWB in 2020 and spent a year fitting it out. They realised, however, that the Mercedes was too big for them, and didn’t fit their lifestyle, which involves hiking, surfing, Jiu-Jitsu, camping, travelling and off-roading.

So they sold it, and bought "Lou" their Defender 110, in June 2021.

Preparing "Lou" was the hardest thing they’ve ever done!

They worked at their respective jobs, from 5 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, doing as much overtime as possible. Every minute of their spare time was spent in the workshop. They spent 7 months fixing years of neglect on the Def and turning it into a little home on wheels. They did 90% of the work themselves and when they were really stuck they had help from a mechanic.

Lou was ready in January 2022. They sold everything they didn't need for their trip, said their goodbyes and left Ireland on February 5th, 2022.

Follow them on: @the.ad.venture

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