4x4 competition - Croatia Trophy
Croatia Trophy

Extreme action!

Organised by Croatia Trophy Organizing Team, the 15th edition will be once again at Staro Selo Topusko in Croatia.

All the best extreme off-roading drivers will be there. Theres no point in telling you how hard its going to be. Drivers and their cars will be pushed to their limits. If you’re looking for mud you will get plenty of it. There will be impossible obstacles and a night stage to ensure plenty of adrenalin rushes. But dont worry when the fatigue hits you the passion will keep you going!

Don’t miss the Croatia Trophy from the 29th of April to the 7th of May

The Race!

Competitors are spilt into 3 categories:Trophy, Adventure and ATV Adventure (Quads), which is a category apart (using the Adventure class road book). The difference between the Trophy and the Adventure categories is the roadbook, which is harder for the Trophy category. The roadbook will be given to participants at the beginning of each stage and performance will be evaluated solely on time.

Vehicles over 3.5t and protos are not accepted. Every vehicle must have a well-fixed winch. Trophy category vehicles must be equipped with a front and rear winch. SatNavs are prohibited.

The Off road spirit was present!

The 2015 edition of the Croatia Trophy is over. The teams left with plenty of great images and memories.

A special mention for the superb performances of our friendsRomain Porchère and Anthony Nolinwho finished 3rd and to Franck Daurelle and Françoise Graciet-Hollenderwho were 4th!

Françoiseshares with us her impressions of the race andgives us an insight into the spirit of the Trophy.

"This is one of the toughest races that exists; Finishing the race with a vehicle still in working order is already a terrific performance!

Its a tough international competition. Theres no one definitive recipe to win, everything depends on the terrain and the weather conditions... We were incredibly happy to finish amongst the leaders for the specials, when the majority of the competitors were taking two to fives times longer than us to complete the course!

This is a race where nothing can be left to chance, neither in terms of the preparation of the vehicle - which is completely revised every night – or in the driving - the slightest mistake and it is a vital part that can be damaged, forcing you to abandon - or in terms of navigation - it's so easy to get lost....

The competitionis particularly well organized, where the rules are strict and applied to everyone, the atmosphere is friendly and not at all commercial. The off road spirit that we are looking for is wholly present.

The French teams were present in force this year, 9 teams as apposed to 7 last year. Despite the lack of support from the French 4x4 press, the French formed the second largest national group behind the Netherlands. Euro4x4parts played a big role and next year there will be even more competitors!”

The press talk about it!

Article on the italian magazine QuattroxQuattro (July 2015 - pages 110 to 115) by Paolo Baraldi.


(source photos: P. Baraldi, blog.m-pictures.be, croatia-trophy.org)

Take a look at the video

There are more great videos on the Croatia Trophy Official page.

General Ranking

Top 20 Overall Results

Adventure Class

  1. Victor Stolyarchuk & Maxim Kamyshow - Offroad Wolves Def90
  2. Alexander Tyurin & Natalia Tyurina - Land Def
  3. Romain Porchère & Anthony Nolin - Land Rover - Congratulations!
  4. Franck Daurelle & Françoise Graciet-Hollender - Land Def
  5. Nico Wijnalda & Eric Plomp - Jeep LJ
  6. Steven Omblets & Kristof Keysers - Land Buggy
  7. Sergey Savenko & Denis Maltsev - TLC70
  8. Arthur Toumanov & Uladzimir Rudnitski - Jeep Wrangler
  9. Mario Bijeljencevic & Zdenko Blazevic - Land Def
  10. Sjoerd Wijnia & Niels Wijnia - Suzuki Samurai
  11. Bokke Nijdam & Hiske Tijseling - Nissan Patrol
  12. Willem Jan Vellinga & Jan Willem Stienstra - Jeep Wrangler
  13. Kevin Pringot & Mehdi Beja - Toyota BJ71
  14. Sylvain Bression & Mickael Bertschi - Suzuki Samurai
  15. Ovad Arazi & Yoav Geva - Land Discovery
  16. André Kuijt & Niels Vaandrager - Land Def90
  17. Bas Van Loon & Jean Paul Van Der - Jeep CJ7
  18. John de Leur & Peter Berkhout - Land Def90
  19. Sylvin Tarabbia & Mathieu Jacquand - Nissan Patrol
  20. Sybren V. D. Veen & Anton Veenstra - Jeep CJ7

Trophy Class

  1. Jim Marsden & Wayne Smith - Gigglepin Defender
  2. Andrey Ponomarev & Sergey Ivanov - Offroad Wolves
  3. Szilard Magyar & Mihaly Eigner - BMW-G
  4. Gordan Krota & Robert Prodan - Jeep Wrangler
  5. Victor Khoroshavtsev & Andrei Samarin - TRX6
  6. Christian Poprask & Josef Reinisch - Mitsubishi EVO
  7. Johann Eibensteiner & Harald Deutschmann - Jeep Wrangler
  8. Adrian Bezzina & John Zammit - Ciapella Buggy Revolver
  9. Ivo Brgodac & Patrik Prodan - Jeep Wrangler
  10. Karel Slama & Mirek Svoboda - Land Def100
  11. Cedric Porcher & Damien Kermorvant - Toyota Runner
  12. Paul Bass & Andrew Pearce - Land Def100
  13. Peter Arends & Paul Van der Linde - Land Def110
  14. Antoine Reul & Benoit Reul - Land Def104
  15. Zsolt Kucsera & Irma Urban - Jeep Wrangler
  16. Ruslan Furundzhi & Dmitry Frolov - TRX04
  17. Stefan Malia & Alistair Caruana - Kamoy Buggy
  18. Ira Avni - Negav Engel - Unimog
  19. Fritz Beckeer & Christian Dross - Mercedes G
  20. Rob Mieras & Brian de Jong - Land Def90


29th April: Arrival

30th April:

  • 12am: First briefing
  • 1pm: Prologue
  • 7pm: Meal

1st May: Stage 1

2nd May: Stage 2 - Circuit Race

  • 11pm: Night Stage

3rd May: stage 4

4th May: stage 5 - Trophy Day: team racing where helping fellow competitors when needed is obligatory.

5th May: Stage 6

6th May: Stage 7

7th May: Stage 8 and finish

8pm: Closing celebration

Our teams racing

Adventure Class

Franck Daurelle
Françoise Hollender
Land Def 100 - Le Mandubien
Land Def 100 - Le Mandubien

Find out moreHERE

Sylvain Bression
Mickael Bertschi
Suzuki Samurai - Croatia Trophy 2015
Suzuki Samurai
Anthony Nolin
Romain Porchère
Land Discovery - Croatia Trophy 2015
Land Discovery

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