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- Australia’s biggest performance suspension specialist

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Who are TOUGH DOG?

Tough Dog is Australia’s biggest high performance suspension specialist.
Since 1984, the TOUGH DOG legend has continued to grow due to the excellent reputation of its products, especially its shock absorbers.
Today TOUGH DOG is exported worldwide and has a large range, including the world’s biggest bore shock absorber!

Why choose TOUGH DOG ?

The wide range of TOUGH DOG shock absorbers are built tough for the requirements of the Aussie Outback: performance, comfort, control, strength, adjustable, travel big bore...
Whether you're heading into off-road zones, overlanding or towing, the legendary TOUGH DOG brand offers the best high performance suspension solutions and all at great, value for money prices.
Euro4x4parts are official sole importers for TOUGH DOG and we carry a stock of their range of shock absorber solutions for the majority of Japanese, American, Korean and European 4x4s.
Back in July 2011, Australia's 4WD Action magazine (#165) ran a torturing 19-page feature and comparison test of the 10 best-selling 4WD shocks in Australia.
TOUGH DOG fought off the competition and were awarded 1st place, in a line-up that included serious competitors such as Koni, Bilstein, Old Man Emu, Raw, TJM amongst others.
Real-world testing was conducted by Australian off-road racing legend Bruce Garland. Here's what Bruce had to say about the Tough Dogs:
«From the moment we drove out of the workshop, I knew there was something impressive underneath the Cruiser. They gave the Cruiser almost unmatched pitch balance front to rear that controlled the vehicle superbly where other shocks were simply unsettled.. They were able to soak up the uneven ground with ease without ever letting the vehicle skip across the track.. They gave a satisfying amount of confidence to the driver and always stayed predictable even across the roughest sections of track.. The balance of comfort inside the vehicle and driver control was ideal.. Soft enough to soak up the rough stuff, while remaining stiff enough to give you plenty of confidence behind the wheel».