4x4 Rally France - Cîmes 2015

The oldest 4x4 Rally in Europe!


For the pleasure of the spectators, the 59th Rally Cîmes attracted no less than 97 teams that could be seen on the tracks of the Soule, on the 4th to the 6th of September.

4th consecutive victory for Louis Dronde followed by Emmanuel Castan and Sebastian Urrutia.

Congratulations to our team Bass4x4 (F. and G. Lalanne Darracq) for their victory in series category!

4x4 ranking


  1. F. Darracq & G. Lalanne - Congratulations!
  2. D. Bossy & P. Malbos


  1. D. Toulou & S. Berducq - Congratulations!
  2. H. Webster & J. Haylock
  3. F. Fauconnet & F. Rayrat
  4. J. Vigouroux & R. Vigouroux


  1. M. Andrieu & C. Desclaux
  2. V. Barres & J. Lopez


(source : Alex motor's)

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