Friday 29th May

  • 4pm – 7.45pm: Technical and administration checks on the square in Marquigny, Soissons.

Saturday 30th May

  • 10am: Start: Stage 1, closed paddock, Soissons.
  • Five timed events are planned for the first stage.
  • 7.26pm: Finish: stage 1, closed paddock, Soissons.

Sunday 31st May

  • 8.30am: Start: stage 2, closed paddock, Soissons.
  • Five specials
  • 5pm: Finish stage 2, Place Alsace-Lorraine in Soissons.
  • Prize giving: in the closed paddock in Soissons.

Vincent Poincelet talks about his new car (Fouquet Mazda):

"Despite the problems we had, the results are still positive. The car went well and I did some interesting times, but there’s still some preparation work to do."

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(source: A. Bomy & Matt-C76)

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