Xtrem Challenge Ironman Warriors 2014

You don’t get any harder than the X-Trem Challenge: it’s day and night in extreme conditions and zones varying from rocky to quagmires. It’s spectacular and exhausting for the drivers, co-drivers and the vehicles.

To survive you have to be prepared ! Don’t miss it! From the 2nd  to  5th  of April in Montmorin (Hautes Alpes).

Final ranking 2015

  1. Jim Marsden & Rocha Helder #108
  2. Aymeric Syre & J. Charles Syre #105
  3. Olivier Roche & Romain Porchère #103
  4. Laurent Crisci & Jonathan Deluca #101
  5. Nicolas Pareau & Damien Bazire #107
  6. Christian Fraisse & Patrick Jimbert #109
  7. Johann Monchy & Ludovic Hourde #102
  8. Stéphane Fougerouse & Denis Deverrewaere #114
  9. Kevin Dureau & Maxime Donat #113
  10. Gilles Robresco & Jean Louis Robresco #111
  11. Damien Beaudoin & Antoine Martel #112
  12. Julien Allegre & Xavier Marion #110
  13. Erik Spacapan & Denis Svagel #104
  14. Adrien Dupenloup & Anthony Nocin #106

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(Source pictures: Euro4x4parts)

In video!

Our teams taking part

Pascal Leboucher and Thomas Lefebvre

Philippe Vierge and Mathieu Apché - Xtrem Sud Ouest Team

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Nicolas Pareau and Damien Bazire - Team Nicotroll

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Jean Charles and Aymeric Syre

Kévin Dureau and Maxime Donat

Denis Lallemand andThomas Guiaud - Simpsons Team

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